Cooperation with foreign Law firms

Facing a growing demand for international legal advice, it is crucial for our law firm to acquire and develop expertise and skills via international collaboration with experienced foreign law firms and lawyers. Since we are familiar with multijurisdictional cases with international aspects, we understand the need to seek assistance for our clients through a network of foreign law firms and expert lawyers to whom our clients can rely on in international assignments. Meet our collaborating foreign law firms / lawyers:


Professional Law Partnership NEOLEX

Kęstučio 25, 08121 Vilnius, Lithuania

+370 699 58008


Advokatfirmaet Kyrre ANS (organization number 985 813 760)

Postboks 1826 Nordnes, 5816 Bergen Norway

Area of expertise: family law, inheritance law, real estate, corporate law

Contact details: Line Nilsen,
mobile phone: +4795865465,